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About Philanthropic Advisement

Philanthropic Advisement is one of Michelle Whiting & Associates fastest growing offerings.

Working with individuals and family foundations, we assist with:

  • Conceptualizing new grant-making programs
  • Developing strategies for long-term engagement of grantees
  • Refining grant-making profiles
  • Diversifying philanthropic portfolios
  • Trustee conflict resolution


Seven Family Foundations throughout the Country:
MW&A has assisted family foundations in a variety of projects designed to further their specific funding strategies, including: conceptualizing program related investment guidelines, establishing international scholarship programs, integrating several family foundations under one common mission, and recreating and hiring program officers.

The Terry Lee Wells Foundation (Reno, Nevada):
Facilitation of Trustee mission focused retreat, and grantee assessment.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund (London):
Michelle Whiting served as program officer for the US and Canada from 1998-2005.