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MW&A 20th Anniversary! 1994-2004

Lynne Tsuda

An interview with one of MW&A’s first clients in 1994, Lynne Tsuda, Director of Institutional Giving at Girls Incorporated National.

“When I was starting with Girls Inc., we crossed paths and just immediately clicked. Michelle is strategic minded, realistic and relationship oriented. She develops and cultivates relationships way beyond the traditional dynamics.”

“Michelle is astute and zeros in on exactly what is needed. She simply has a great mind and is not driven by current trends, or how organizations feel they need to react to what the funders want. She assesses the client needs, works on that, and they are always grateful to her.”

“Girls Inc. has been shaped with Michelle Whiting’s help in many ways. She was very influential in helping us grow, using her network of connections in Los Angeles when it was time to expand. Because of Michelle, we were welcomed there as a new organization, even in a crowded landscape. And when it was time to build our board, she knew how to do that, too.”

“It always amazes me to see the relationships Michelle has kept. She likes linking clients and funders and figuring out how to maximize resources. I think for all of these reasons, Michelle has been well connected with the most cutting edge funders like, Orange County Community Foundation from the start, and there is on-going respect for her work.”